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Since September, 2017 we have installed 13 active water catchment systems in Barrio Centro and Julia Keen neighborhoods. We have led our own workshops with High School students and community members. We have attended free workshops and trainings with Watershed Management Group and Sustainable Nations. In addition, some of our team members have taken permaculture courses and Pima Smartscape courses that put emphasis on designs and techniques of dryland water harvesting.
One of our goals is to continue to build our skills to further enhance the quality and increase the coverage of our water harvesting work. We want to better educate our community about the importance of water conservation. We want to continue honoring our traditions of taking care of each other and the land. As a marginalized community, we have limited access to healthy food and a healing landscape of native vegetation. Our hope is to get as many people in the neighborhood with a catchment system to increase green space and food security.


We offer free rainwater tank installations to residents living in Barrio Centro and Julia Keen neighborhoods. 

Installation includes a 1000 or 1550 gallon tank and up to 50 feet of gutters (if needed).
To receive our services someone from your household must attend a Water Harvest Rebate Class (it’s free) and be a Tucson Water customer

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