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We reclaim our cultural roots and amplify them through sustainability, art, and rebellion to heal and empower our neighborhood.

Neighborhood Vision

An equitable, healthy, empowered, and engaged Barrio Centro

Collective Guidelines

  • Led by people of color from Barrio Centro

  • Inclusive space for indigenous peoples, LGBTQ, 2 spirit, gender non-conforming identified, people with disabilities, elders, youth, and families.

  • We stand against gentrification and support our neighborhood rights to housing.

  • Migrants, Refugees, and Undocumented families are welcomed.

  • We all learn, we all teach. Everyone has something to contribute.

  • Be respectful of people’s boundaries and capacity.

  • Self-care. Take care of yourselves and one another.

  • Be respectful of the neighborhood and our neighbors. 

  • We center Indigenous knowledge

  • We value people's’ individual learning experiences

  • No Oppressive, Divisive, or Abusive Language

  • Providing Services for the Midtown Communities of Julia Keen & Barrio Centro

  • Decisions are made as a non-hierarchical Collective

  • We believe in Community care & Protection

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