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Our art crew 

Alfonso Chavez

Art Crew Coordinator for Flowers & Bullets. Since high school, was inspired to do work within the community and has worked closely with community and organizers at the grassroots level, to develop lesson plans and facilitate workshops as a way to address social ills and create preventative alternatives for underserved/at risk youth all rooted in community health, cultural, social justice and the arts.

Jonny Ballesteros

Flowers & Bullets member/artist involved in coordinating local art events focused on engaging the community. Although he’s been an artist all his life, working with FBC has given him better direction & taught him art is much bigger than oneself. Will focus on underserved communities & extend reach to those who need it most.

carlos Ballesteros

Flowers & Bullets art crew member. Tucson Native with both graphic art & desert landscaping background. Elder & positive role model in the crew who loves sharing southwest lifestyle. Loves that F&B not only educates sustainability but also practices a healthy & better way of living to both older and younger generations.


Flowers and Bullets artist and member. Specializes in aerosol & digital art, caricatures, and rainwater harvesting.  From the village of W:ak on the Tohono O’odham nation, Alaina has lived in San Xavier and Tucson the majority of her life. She works to create art which connects individuals with their culture, specifically by focusing on images which resonate with people of color, indigenous individuals and youth. Alaina is a member of both the core and art branch of F&B due to her passion for sustainable living and commitment to learning and sharing indigenous methods and culture.

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