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We reclaim and amplify our cultural roots through sustainability, art, and rebellion

to liberate, heal and empower our community.

About us

Flowers are the art and bullets are the struggle. We are organizers creating outlets for under-served youth and communities, which highlight the life we live and the places that we come from. By sharing skills, promoting place-based connections in the barrio, and listening to each other’s stories we promote sustainable ways of living. These ways of life address some of the traumas in our community, caused by disproportionate minority incarceration, drug addiction, physical and mental violence, food insecurity, health issues, and economic disparity.


Sustainable living practices are a way to combat the economic, health, and food struggles within our communities. Since the industrial revolution, the illusion of convenience has moved us beyond knowing where our food comes from and the process it takes to grow it. In this day and age we find ourselves more disconnected from our cultures and traditional foods. These practices of growing and gathering food, water harvesting, and others, are ways for us to become self dependent, utilize the resources and skills around us, and regain cultural traditions. It is also critical that overlooked communities of color aren’t left behind in the fast evolving “Green” movement.


As Flowers & Bullets, one of our goals is to represent our people and incorporate the Southwest lifestyle through the artistic expression of our local Tucsonans. Through shirt designs and hip-hop art forms we display our message and establish a space where young people of color are able to express their thoughts and experiences. The core elements: Breaking, MC, Graffiti, and DJ are art forms that have always been used as a form of resistance and empowerment. 

Help us reach our GIVING TUESDAY goals

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